Our 150th Celebration

A date has been set – third time lucky!

Saturday 5 November 2022

The school will be open to past pupils, former staff, and families to gather and celebrate the school’s 150th.  The event will be low-key but still an opportunity for you to reconnect with the school and old friends.

Download the full programme below.

More Information

In 2021 Papanui Primary School (formerly known as Papanui District School) was prepared to celebrate 150 years of education.  Unfortunately the two attempts at hosting an event were thwarted by the Covid pandemic and resulting Public Health Measures.

Instead the PPS Board of Trustees’ priority has been operating the school safely for the children and staff, therefore the 150th Celebration was put on hold until such time that the event could be held safely and successfully.

All the previous significant events for the school (100th, 125th) have been aligned to the 1871 date, when the founding school committee met.  1872 was the year the school opened for its foundation pupils so 2022 is still a relevant and appropriate time to celebrate.

There is a 150th Anniversary Facebook Page set up to advertise the event and provide a platform for former pupils and staff to connect. Through this social media platform, former pupils and staff will be free to organise their own catch ups or events e.g. evening meal, which would run independently of the programme based at the school.

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